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Jhomolhari mountain celebration trekking is a flawlessly themed two-day occasion celebrated at the base of Mt. Jomolhari, by groups situated along a standout amongst the most grand trekking courses in Bhutan. The celebration praises the way of life of the groups living respectively with the normal ponders that encompass them: one, specifically, the subtle, yet rich, snow panther. This jeopardized feline flourishes in the area; a few camera trap photographs and distinct signs have built up the locale as extraordinary compared to other snow panther environments in Bhutan.

The Jomolhari trek is a standout amongst the most well known trekking courses in Bhutan and goes through prime snow panther and blue sheep natural surroundings. Various camera trap photographs, signs, and DNA examining from the area has built up the locale as a standout amongst other snow panther natural surroundings in Bhutan. The two groups of SoeYutoed and SoeYaksa lie along the Jomolhari trek. Yu told has 28 families and Yaksa 18. The inhabitants are principally yak herders as the territory is for the most part above tree line. While yak predation is common in the zone, herders have for the most part been tolerant of some level of predation from the beginning. In any case, open mentalities and recognition towards snow panthers are quick evolving.


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The Jomolhari Mountain Festival is observed every year in October and brings together members from four different communities, Soe, Yaksa, Nubri, and Lingshi to celebrate the snow leopard and create awareness on the importance of its conservation.


Festival Date (2021) TBA
Festival Duration 2 Days
Tour Duration TBA
Destination Paro
Venue Jangkothang

Day 1

Distance 12 km
Time 4-5 hours
Ascent 170 m
Camp Altitude 2,800 m

Day 2

Distance 16 km
Time 4-5 hours
Ascent/Descent A 750 m, D 670 m
Camp Altitude 2,720 m

Day 3

Distance 16 km
Time 4-5 hours
Ascent  Descent 230 m
Camp Altitude 2,640 m
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